Meal of the Month Program

The Ronald McDonald House of Tallahassee’s Meal of the Month Program is a great way for the community to show their support.  Whether it is home-cooked or one purchased from a restaurant, a warm meal is always a nice comfort to our guests.  Not having to worry about buying groceries and preparing a meal is a great benefit to have after spending the day and sometimes night at the hospital.  Thank you to all of those who help each month!  Your support is greatly appreciated.

General guidelines for this program are as follows

  • Contact Tammy Hartsfield, House Manager to schedule a day for you to prepare a meal.
  • Meals should be purchased from a restaurant or for those that would like to cook a meal, you must bring the ingredients and cook in the house. This is to prevent issues that may affect families, staff and volunteers.
  • Meals should be prepared for 15 to 20 people and should be delivered by 6:00p.m.
  • Meals should include an entree, salad or vegetable, starch or bread, and dessert.
  • Meals should be foods that can easily be stored and reheated.

If you would like schedule a date for you to prepare a meal, please contact Tammy Hartsfield, House Manager via email at